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Women, Children and Family Service Charities of America

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1100 Larkspur Landing Circle, #340
Larkspur,  CA 94939
Phone: 415-925-2662

Empowering women to create a better world by constructively addressing gender based discrimination, domestic violence, poverty, reproductive choices, family-work conflicts, caregiver support, childhood education, hunger and health.

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The CFC's federated group for women's organizations - Women, Children, and Family Service Charities of America - brings together the very best charities in this category. The WCFS coalition is comprised of America's finest charitable organizations dedicated to meeting the needs of women, children, and families in America and around the world. Its members provide real solutions to real problems, and act as a force for change.

The federation maintains no paid staff or fancy office. The board contracts out for necessary support services, and the members do much of the work themselves. As a result, WCFS has one of the lowest overhead and expense rates in the entire CFC.

"We Respect Your Intelligence"
"Low overhead is important," says Mrs. Curry. "It's a matter of respect for CFC givers." But equally important, she says, is the federation's respect for the intelligence of those givers.

"We don't shy away from controversy," she notes, "but instead try to find and present the best organizations on both sides of an issue."

"Pro-life and pro-choice; you'll find them both here. Equal pay for equal work and recognition that care giving at home is also a profession are ideas represented side by side in the WCFS membership list. We present you with choices and respect your intelligence to determine for yourself where your money should go."

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