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Battered Women & Children Rescue Center

(aka) Pathways to Safety International

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25 NW 23rd Place
Suite 6 PMB#461
Portland,  OR 97210
Phone: 503-203-1444

Battered American women, children and their pets living overseas that suffer domestic-violence, sexual assault and child abuse need special help. We save lives!

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Real Life Story

Emily was married and living in India for seven years. She gave birth to her six year old twins in India and they have American citizenship. Before the twins were born her husband would get angry, calling her names and insulting her. It seemed she could do nothing right in his eyes. The abuse increased over the years increasing to slapping and pushing her; then he hit one of the twins. He told Emily if she called the police or tried to divorce him Emily would never see the twins again. Emily was scared and wanted to return to the U.S. for safety but had no access to her own money and the twins' American passports were expired. Her husband refused to renew the twins' passports. Over several months our staff provided Emily with numerous hours of advocacy; sending information on domestic violence and explained how we could help her get back to the U.S. Our staff advocated on her behalf with American Embassy officials and provided information on domestic violence. With our assistance Emily was able obtain the passports for her twins and we arranged danger to safety relocation for her and the twins to return to the U.S. We safety planned with her around her idea to flee the home and get to the airport. We arranged a shelter for Emily and her children in the USA upon her arrival. We assisted Emily with resettlement services and connected her with an attorney, ideas for employment, and scholarship options for domestic violence survivors. Emily decided to go back to college to finish the degree she left when she moved overseas and now lives in safety back home with her children.

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