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La Leche League International

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110 Horizon Drive
Suite 210
Raleigh,  NC 27615
Phone: 800-525-3243

Assists mothers to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, education, information, and encouragement; promotes breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of baby and mother.

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Real Life Story

Leah tried everything to get her baby to latch on to the breast properly, but his tongue thrust made her too sore to breastfeed him. She had read the books and talked to her family, but had not found the help she needed. She thought she would have to give up her dream of breastfeeding her baby until her cousin gave her the phone number of La Leche League. She dialed the number of an accredited La Leche League Volunteer in her area, and it changed her life.

She made an appointment with the volunteer. During the appointment, Leah relaxed and allowed the volunteer to check her baby's suck and give suggestions. At the end of their visit, Leah sat more comfortably and brought her baby up to breast height, rather than bending forward and breastfeeding hunched over. Best of all Leah had no more pain when feeding.

Experiencing the relaxed mother-to-mother support and information that the volunteer gave her, enabled Leah to give her son all the benefits of breastfeeding and assured a close bonding between mother and child.

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